Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Parisian Picnic

This past weekend my good friend Catherine and I decided to soak up the last of the summer sun by having a Parisian picnic. As the writer of the awesome lifestyle blog, Chic Geek, Catherine is an amazing stylist and has impeccable taste. So we gathered her tablewares and stylish mind and my love of food and put on our version of a Parisian Picnic.

Being the cheese fiend that I am- we did a few French cheeses, salami, some crusty bread and a few other nibbles. We kept it light but with a variety of flavors. 

I get asked a lot about menu planning and how to decide what to bring or make for parties and I think whether you are a guest or a host- you have to keep it simple! 

Never overwhelm yourself with a complicated menu or something that requires you to be kitchen bound while your friends enjoy themselves. Create menus where the prep work can be done ahead of time so you can actually enjoy yourself! 

As it was Sunday and you know how I enjoy my lazy Sundays- I purchased most of the food for the picnic. I wanted a no fuss day and it came together perfectly! Sometimes it's nice just to enjoy the food- not create it. 

You can see in our photos that the picnic was simple and delicious. Grab a bottle of rosé and get outdoors next weekend!! Your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, friends- whoever, will love this picnic idea!

See Catherine's blog www.chicgeekblog.com to find out where to purchase her stylish tablewares!! 

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