Thursday, August 28, 2014

Farm Stand Gazpacho with Watermelon & Corn Relish

Summer is the season of watermelon, corn and tomatoes. This is usually the time of the year that I make a ton of recipes using these items. They are just perfectly ripe, sweet and delicious during the summer months and yes you can get them 12 months a year now but it's just not the same taste. So work these three ingredients into your life the next month or so because they'll be gone before you know it. 
And luckily I have an amazing farm stand open every day just down the road from work. Sandy's Summer Stand in between Riverside and Cos Cob in Connecticut is the perfect place to grab fresh local summer produce. Go find your farmers market or local roadside stands and grab some summer delights!
And best yet- this gazpacho requires just some rough chopping and a blender. It's mindless cooking. And yet it's impressive and delicious as well. Perfect for a end of the summer dinner party- and if Charlie, a 15-month old, devours it- anyone will!! Try this one people!! 

Farm Stand Gazpacho with Watermelon & Corn Relish 

1 small cucumber, peeled and roughly chopped 
1 small red pepper, deseeded and roughly chopped
4 stalks scallions, end removed and roughly chopped 

3 large ripe tomatoes 
1/4 of medium red onion, roughly chopped 
4 garlic cloves

1/2 cup olive oil
2 tbs sherry vinegar
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper 
1/4 tsp cumin 

Blender or food processor
Large bowl
Mixing spoon
Measuring cups/spoons
Cutting board
Chopping knife
Plastic wrap

Take all the ingredients and add them to the large bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and marinate for 2-4 hours or overnight if you prefer. 

After the ingredients have marinated, add them in batches to your blender or food processor and blend or pulse until desired consistency is reached. I like mine slightly chunky. If you prefer completely smooth- you can run it through a sieve or chinoise post processing. 

Once processed, add it to a Tupperware and refrigerate for a few hours. I like to do this part overnight to allow the flavors to really meld. Gazpacho is always best a day or two after it's made. 

Watermelon & Corn Relish

1 1/2 cups watermelon, diced small
Cooked and cooled corn removed from 1 ear of corn
6 leaves of basil, julienned 

Pinch of salt
Crack of black pepper

Medium mixing bowl
Mixing spoon 
Cutting board
Chopping knife
Measuring cups

Add all the ingredients to the bowl and mix. Place a tablespoon or two in the center of the chilled soup for serving. 

It's a great balance of the zestiness of the gazpacho and the sweetness of the watermelon, basil and corn. 

I just love this recipe, it's so delicious and simple to make! Enjoy it! Xo

Summer farm stands are the best!! I got every ingredient (minus the seasonings) from this stand. Bonus- one trip shopping! 

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