Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie

Ok I know it's been practically an entire season since I've last blogged. We have had all the major holidays, our first blizzard and it's a brand new year. I get it- I am a slacker. I own it. I apologize to my blog fans. I love you. Mean it. Seriously though- I do mean it- you're the reason I do this. I just needed a little "me" time. I have done a lot of cooking and eating during this period of moi- let's call it research- so hopefully it reflects in my posts. Thank you for your patience!! 

I made this pie last week because for some reason my boyfriend and I have been on a pie kick. We have made a new pie or dessert pretty much every week and we stuff our faces with it- and sometimes (rarely) we share. This pie was shared and a hit amongst friends and family. And I must say- it was pretty darn good. It is really easy and requires no baking- can't beat that for such a luxuriously delicious outcome. Try it out and let me know what you think! 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie 

4 oz cream cheese (1/2 pkg), room temperature 
1 1/4 cups heavy cream plus 2 tbs 

2-3 bananas sliced (I used 2 but would use 3 next time) 

1/4 cup honey roasted peanuts, minced
1 cup or approx 6 oz semi sweet chocolate chips 
1/4 cup light brown sugar 
3 tbs white sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract 
1 1/2 cups creamy peanut butter 
Pre-bought Oreo cookie crust* 

3 bowls, one microwaveable 
Electric hand mixer 

In one bowl add light brown sugar, cream cheese, 2 tablespoons of heavy cream and peanut butter. Mix until completely combined. It will be thick. 

In second bowl add 1 cup of heavy cream, vanilla extract and 3 tbs of white sugar. Mix until soft peaks form- about 3 to 5 minutes. Using the spatula- slowly fold the whipped cream into the peanut bowl mixture. Set aside. 

In microwaveable bowl add the chocolate chips and 1/4 cup of heavy cream. Microwave for 30 second increments, stirring every time, until the chocolate is smooth and melted. Be careful not to overcook the chocolate. Use 15 second intervals if you need to.

Lay the sliced bananas into the bottom of the Oreo crust. Layer until all bananas are used up. Sprinkle bananas with chopped honey roasted peanuts. 

Pour the chocolate layer on top of the bananas and peanuts. Use the spatula to smooth out and cover all the bananas. 

One covered in chocolate- pour the peanut butter mixture over the top. It will be a high pie- so pile it all on there. 

Refrigerate the pie for at least 4 hours. I even like to freeze mine for 20 to 30 minutes before I cut into it for easier/cleaner cutting. Serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. It's so delicious!! Craving it as I type this up. Enjoy! Xo

*I bought my Oreo crust because I was in a time crunch- but it's super simple to make. Take 25 Oreo cookies -no need to remove filling- and process them until small sandlike crumbs. Add 6 tbs of melted butter and mix together well. Firmly press the cookie crumbs into your pie dish. Refrigerate for 45 minutes to an hour. Ready to fill! 

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